About Patrick Michael MooneyQuicksilver is another name for Mercury.  Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, specializing in rapid communications.  Mercury was also known by an earlier name in Egypt, where he was called Thoth.  Thoth is, among many other things, a god of Truth, whose influence in my life is something for which I AM ever thankful.

In these forms and others, the Spirit of whatever is behind these manifestations of intelligence, goodness, and beauty has shaped me into quite an effective communicator, and I now wish to place my skills at your service.

Wherever I have been able to exercise my talents freely, others have prospered.  Professionally, I worked as a more than capable high school teacher for eight years, winning the admiration of students and teachers alike.  But when I discovered that mainstream education is no longer truthful to our youth, I placed my trust in the gods and asked them to guide me towards a career where I might still be useful to the world.

That prayer, and a belief in myself, led me into a wonderful new career as an audio engineer and multimedia producer for a small but very profitable company in central Virginia.  In a short while, I was relied upon for many more company functions, including that of their global spokesperson.  My talents for electronic communications continued to grow in great strides during this very experiential time.

Eventually, I acquired my own vision in life and decided to place the talents I had gained through the years in the service of building my own business.  It was only recently that I, along with my wife, decided to risk an adventure out West, following the call of our spirits and the love in our hearts.  Quicksilver Video is one of the ways I intend to support this dream of ours.

What you get from working with me is thoughtfully produced video, or other media like web graphics, audio spots and podcasts, or whatever other kind of media our collective creativity can come up with.  As an experienced producer, I know how to work with many different kinds of people, and can resolve creative differences smoothly.  I can help with all stages of production, from conceiving a workable idea, to writing or editing copy, coaching you through your performance on screen, and working with you on revising the final edits.

On top of all that, I work at an affordable cost.  Many of the talents I am offering you in my packages would require you to pay multiple people to accomplish what I can do alone for you.  I also hear a lot of complaints from those who have worked with video professionals about how slow the process is until they get their final result.  You won’t have that experience with me.

You and I will plan our project before we shoot.  We’ll set a time that works well and allows the shooting to occur on schedule.  Once the footage is taken, I “change hats”, becoming a video editor and audio engineer, piecing together the raw footage, mixing in graphics and special effects, and putting finishing touches on the sound.  While my goal is to give you something cool to look at the very next day, I realize that this isn’t always going to be possible on every project.  But you won’t be waiting long, either.  That’s a “Mooney-Backed” guarantee!

As my work in the Four Corners region continues to grow, I will be posting examples of our work from what is sure to be a growing gallery of satisfied customers, so check back in from time to time to see what we’ve been up to.

With the rapid increase in data transmission rates and digital storage technologies, the web will be saturated with video like few us can even imagine right now.  I can help you get your products, your messages, your songs, your “brand” or your identity out there.  I’m looking forward to doing it, too!


Contact me at bookings@quicksilvervideo.com

Phone: (970) 238-1982