PREP for SUCCESS (VIDEO GUIDELINES)When you work with Quicksilver Video, we want you to get the MAXIMUM RESULTS for the time and money you invest in our services.  Listed below are some important considerations for you to have in mind BEFORE we actually begin the physical production (recording) work on your project.

1) A SCRIPT for both you and I to follow:

This is the STORY you want ME to TELL with my video talents. I can review your writing and offer suggestions, if you would like, once you send it to me, or you can say, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT, I’m clear on it.”   Also, decide WHO you want to be the VOICE in your video.  We can certainly record and use your voice, and/or mine.  If you want to use another voice (third party), get their agreement to work with us before we begin.

2) A LOCATION for the video shoot:

You will most likely have to visit our studio to cleanly and professionally record your script. There, we can do some video shooting, too, in front of a green screen, if it fits into the concept for your video. When I shoot at the location of your choosing (if that’s also necessary), please make sure that if others are in that environment, they know and are cool with a camera guy working there. I would like to see the location you pick outside of my studio (if any) before we shoot, so I can scout out camera placement and lighting options, in order for me to work as efficiently as possible and for you to get the best results we can produce on the day of your shoot.


I will have a very simple and general release form that any third party (customer testimonials, other professional endorsements, etc.) will have to sign, acknowledging their consent to be filmed and broadcast on the web.  If any third party requires payment for their time or appearance in your video, it is up to you to provide that compensation. The same would hold true if anyone were to charge you a fee for shooting a video on location. I don’t  think that will be the case with many of our projects, but I want to state that upfront for the sake of clarity, just in case.   Additionally, any GRAPHICS you want to appear on the video (ex; Company logo), make sure you have approvals to use them.


With the above three items addressed, the last thing to do is ROLL/SHOOT (Record/Film).  I imagine that shooting on location will not take more than an hour of your time. There may be some added recording time at my studio, too, but I don’t imagine that being very long, either. So if you can schedule a 2-3 hour window in your day that you can devote to just this project, and have any other persons appearing in the video available during that time window, too, everything should go smoothly.

Scheduling a shoot for the morning hours (9am-12noon) will give me the best opportunity to get the video to you the next day. If we do a late afternoon or evening shoot, then your finished video will most likely be ready to view late evening next day, but no later than the morning after that.  My ideal is to give each client undivided attention until the video is finished.  Scheduling shoots early in the day helps me to accomplish that goal best.


Payment is due on the date of the shooting, before we begin.  We accept (and prefer) cash, but checks are fine, too. We do accept credit card payments through PayPal, but a $10 processing fee will be added to that option.

(For business and tax purposes, you are free to issue a 1099 to me at the end of the year if that’s what you prefer. But know in advance that I will not sign or endorse any federal or state income tax related forms, as the activity we are describing here is not subject to those federal statutes and regulations.)


You acknowledge that you are compensating me for the work of video production. Quicksilver Video assumes no responsibility for the CONTENT of your video, or what you decide to do with the finished product once it is delivered to you. If stock footage, images and/or royalty free media are used in the production your video, you make no claim to exclusive ownership of these elements. Otherwise, all copyrights are yours.

All project files and content from the video shoot and production will be discarded 10 days after the final video is delivered to you. If you prefer to keep these files, a one-time transferring/backup fee of $20 will be assessed, and the media files will be stored in a digital form of your choosing (Disk, flash drive,)
We feel like this covers the basics of what needs to be recognized and addressed before moving forward towards your shoot. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them. We want you to feel completely comfortable so that we get the best performance out of you.  We’re looking forward to assisting you in bringing your business profile and internet presence to a higher level.



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