This page is dedicated to  posting some video work that I do just for the fun of it.  A few years back, I discovered that I loved karaoke singing, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered that Durango has several karaoke bars within a few blocks of each other.  In central Virginia, where my wife and I recently relocated from, you had to drive miles to find a good karaoke joint, and they didn’t stay in business for very long.

So, if you need a laugh or something to pick you up through the day, maybe one of my videos will do the trick.  If you don’t like my singing or my videos, don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you and we can still work wonderfully together professionally.


August 28th, 2017 : Arthur Patrick Danu announces his return as The Grail King and karaoke covers™ John Fogerty’s Old Man Down The Road to boot!

My wife and I recently made the jump to the Pacific Northwest, landing safely and soundly, and very happily in beautiful North Central Washington Colony territory of a climate surprisingly similar to Durango‘s!  I’ll have more to say about that in a future post.

For now, I kept the camera’s rolling during our momentus goodbye to The Four Corners Region, where The Durango Miracle took place.  I have enough footage for a few video episodes to debut in the future, as well, but I was glad to get off one more musical performance in gratitude for the great time Alana and I had while we were here.

You can read a more magickal, spiritual interpretation of my life’s events over at my personal website,

July 27th, 2017 : ALANA BLUSOL Steps  Out Into the Spotlight; WYRD TV™ Explores Magickal Gardening with Judy Siekerk

The new names are sticking!  Check out this latest episode of WYRD TV™, which features the debut of LIVING THE MAGICKAL LIFE with Alana & Arthur.  During the show, my wife Alana talks about why she changed her name to Alana Blusol from Oksana Zielinski, and I explain why Arthur Patrick Danu is replacing Patrick Michael Mooney.  I then explore the magickal garden of Judy Siekerk in the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico), while casting a spell to break up Donald Trump‘s New World Order!

Besides these fun endeavors, I gave my wife’s websites a lift with the addition of improved graphics and video.  She’s coming out of her shell to accept a larger place in the world, and that’s good news for us all.  We need good shamans around and healthy places to live and work in.


Finally, my wife and I formed a new website venture this week to go along with our WebCasts™.  It’s called ALANA & ARTHUR.COM .  I love making logos for websites.  Sometimes, it is hard to do because many businesses do such much that’s it’s hard to condense that into a single logo or graphic.  But, I still get it right more often than not, and it feels great when a design comes together!  Just click on the logo to visit the new site:


June 21st, 2017 : FOUR CORNERS PET EXPO, The TeRminAtor, plus MOONEY GOES NUTS (Basket Case)

Happy Summer Solstice!  While taking in our final moments around Durango, my wife and I stopped by the FOUR CORNERS PET EXPO and made a video for Judy Siekerk, who does a tremendous amount of volunteer work for the FRIENDS OF AZTEC ANIMAL SHELTER.  The video was shot on my wife’s I-phone, then I imported the video to my computer and gave it a fun, professional touch up.  Here’s the result:

You can show your support for the animal shelter by visiting and liking their Facebook Page:

I also went into the way-back machine and pulled out a video clip from my college days, where I worked in tandem with a future, two-time Emmy Award winner:

In other news, I recently re-made this Karaoke Cover™ of Green Day‘s Basket Case.  Fake news wasn’t a major theme in the public mind when I sang it the first time in 2014, as part of the spell that brought us to Durango. But for anyone who has been awake since the PHONY WAR on TERROR began on 9/11/2001, you have almost two decades worth of evidence to show how scripted the news is in our lives.

Finally, why we tolerate such abuse as a free and open democratic republic is beyond me.  Or I should say, WAS BEYOND ME.  The guy who gave his best for his country just took the latest ship to the Grey Havens and Tir Na Nog.  You can read about it by clicking the banner below:

May 29th, 2017 : Memorial Day Trifecta (New York State of Mind / Eye Without a Face / Runaway Train)

While closing up shop in Durango, I’ve had time to work on revising a few of my music videos since my voice has noticeably improved during my time here.  I decided to release them all with a story about my musings on Memorial Day in a country where human life doesn’t mean anything anymore, especially the sacrifices that our soldiers made to defend a freedom that no one cares about anymore.

I know that’s a tough pill to swallow, but if you are in this life just to make money, then keep on selling yourself and your future down the toilet.  For those who want to build a good, prosperous, human-friendly future, then that means forming personal and business relationships without people who have an integrity that goes beyond their bank account balances.

Our founding Fathers, when fighting to establish this country, pledged their “lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.” I’ve been blessed enough to have two out of the three in this life, and when my fortune comes to me, I will not hesitate to put it in the service of empowering a vision for a more honest and accountable way of doing things.  That’s what “sacred honor” is all about.  We build our futures, good or ill, by the integrity of the choices we make.

America has made some very dreadful choices in my lifetime, to the point where the Self-betrayal of those ideals is shocking down to my Soul’s core.  But I also know that TRUTH is the only medicine that can set the course of our lives in the right direction.  I sing for that moment when we collectively understand and implement this wisdom.

My deeper and more moving ideas on the topics above can be read over at my personal blog:

May 9th, 2017 : DEFEATED IN DURANGO!

A swirling wind of change has overcome my wife and I in the previous month or so, and it has now become clear that that wind will sweep us out of Durango in the very near future!  While I was initially saddened by the situation, because Durango truly is a beautiful place to live and work, I am now excited to see what out Guides have in store for us when we leave the Four Corners region.

To mark the occasion, I have created two new, musical, magickal spells for you to enjoy.

Spell 054 in my Decade of Love (2012-2022) Campaign is a Karaoke Cover™ of John Denver‘s Rocky Mountain High:

Spell 055 is a shamanic re-imagining of Drivin’ ‘n’ Cryin‘s 1993 Rock ‘n’ Roll hit, Fly Me Courageous:

And, of course and as usual, I express myself in deeper sentiment and clarity over at my own personal website,

While the moments of transition away from Durango will have bittersweet feelings to them, we are also very excited to see what the FRUITS of our LABORS from our time in Durango will bring forward for us.  This week, we had a national advertising campaign through HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE, so stoners all over the country will soon be learning about the transformative, spiritual powers of marijuana, well beyond any medical or recreational benefits the plant may have.

Exciting times ahead for us all!

April 1st, 2017 : WHY BINAURAL BEATS?

When I’m not using my divinely appointed talents to bring love and beauty to others through the design and creation of their websites and media content, I work consistently and with joy on Rainbow Bridge Studios.  Along with my wife, Oksana, this is our spiritual work that we do in complete fun for the creation of a human-friendly future.  There, I bring my many years of experience as an audio-engineer and record producer for the world famous Monroe Institute to create guided meditations featuring our trademark Binaural Beat Technique™, as well as shamanic journeys like the ones I mentioned in my last entry.

In this entry, I’d like to share another free download with you, courtesy of Rainbow Bridge Studios, called TEN SUN MEDITATION.  If you have ever studied the Tarot or the Kabbalah, you are probably already acquainted the Symbol of Life, or Tree of Life.  If not, get ready to have your meditations supercharged!

TEN SUN MEDITATION is a verbally guided exercise featuring Binaural Beat Technique™ that will activate your awareness of 10 energy centers available to you for more cohesive integration of your psycho-spiritual development.  Improve your connection with your guides by building up your own ability to receive and integrate information from the Invisible side of life more efficiently and confidently.

TEN SUN MEDITATION featuring Binaural Beat Technique™

As I turned 45 a week ago in March, I felt it was time to share publicly, for the first time, my own experience with binaural beats that radically altered my life and set me in the direction of finding and achieving the greatest joys of my living life.  It is a brief, challenging, inspiring and heartwarming testimony of what can happen in life when one fully surrenders to the TRUTH.

As usual, anyone looking for further insight to my creative mind may socially engage me over at my personal website devoted to truth, magic and transformation,

February 13th, 2017 : Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)….plus a bunch of FREE GOODIES!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  My first blog post on this website was nearly a year ago today.  What a year it’s been!  After my Christmas debut in Durango back in December, I’ve been hard at work cranking out websites for a few locals and producing two new audio exercises for my beautiful wife, Oksana Zielinski, who has her own growing shamanic practice, to the great joy of the people in La Plata County.  Oksana is the REAL DEAL when it comes to getting REAL HELP with your life’s crisis’ and challenges.  I am not the only fortunate human being who benefits from her love!

As a sign of our overwhelming gratitude for the joyous prosperity we have found among the people of Durango, please feel free to enjoy these TWO FREE DOWNLOADS of our latest audio productions:

The first is called SPIRIT PROSPERITY GUIDE.  Those of you wanting to enjoy a life of abundance might want to work with this one quite often!

Spirit Prosperity Guide

Click on the Banner to Meet your SPIRIT PROSPERITY GUIDE!

The second shamanic journey is called THE PERFECT GIFT.  Use it to heal the hurts in your HEART that stop you from shining as brightly as you can and living the life of your dreams!

The Perfect Gift

Click the banner to claim your FREE GIFT!

On top of these two very emotionally touching journeys, we want to help you ground back into your reality with this VERY FUNNY, LAUGH OUT LOUD presentation given by “The Kernel”, Neal Rogin.  It’s about REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE and your LIFE’s MISSION ON PLANET EARTH!  Send this to anybody still caught up in the HYSTERIA over the latest PHONY ELECTION! You’ll remember what to do instead of listening to lying, treasonous politicians and the talking bobos on all the fake news outlets.  (Sorry to say, but Durango has a few of them, too!)

And last, but not least, here’s my next musical, magickal spell.  Number 053 is a celebration of the STICKY side of Love!  Here’s my cover of Chris Isaak‘s Wicked Game, which I submitted as my entry for this year’s Durango Voice to benefit the Manna Soup Kitchen.  Let’s see if my luck changes this year!

Regardless of what happens, Oksana and I continue to grow in our love of Southwest Colorado and the people in it.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oksana Zielinski and Patrick Michael Mooney

We Love Durango!

PS – Those wanting more intimate, detailed thoughts about my reflections for 2017 can read my latest post over at

Welcome to a Human-Friendly Future!!!

December 17th, 2016 : White Solstice (Bing Crosby and Irving Berlin)

December was a busy month for business.  Early in the month I had the pleasure of singing for the people in our community who attended the Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair at the La Plata Convention Center.  The sweetest moments from that appearance came when I made eye contact during a few of the songs with the children who were absolutely loving the live holiday singing, which took everyone by surprise during the closing half hour of the weekend long show.

Patrick Michael Mooney sings at Local Crafts Fair

With a fortunate snow storm blowing through the area this past weekend, I decided to belt out another holiday jingle for the world, as a sign of my continuing gratitude for all that is unfolding in Durango and The Four Corners.

Please enjoy this Karaoke Cover™ of White Christmas, made famous by Bing Crosby and Irving Berlin.

Have a sacred solstice season as you renew for the coming year ahead!  Thanks for your patronage!

November 21st, 2016 : You’re a Mean One, Newt Gingrinch (Dr. Seuss)


Dale of Silvermoon, CO Colony : In what might be his most triumphal music video release to date, Durango recording artist and co-founder of Rainbow Bridge Studios, Patrick Michael Mooney, skewers the still nascent and impending administration of president-elect Donald Trump with a Dr. Seussian karaoke cover™ of You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.

And while the target of Mooney’s political satire most certainly is Donald Trump, the musical punch hits his close advisor, Newt Gingrich, squarely in the face.  It’s Mooney’s way of questioning just how exactly is America going to be great again by having Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House who sold America and his office down the tubes in the 1990s, as one of his top advisors?

Beyond the folly of a music video, Mooney also shares a more deeply challenging and reflective piece on the current state America finds itself in.  You can read that essay by clicking here:


Mooney is joined on the small screen by his wife, Oksana Zielinski, who originally hails from Russia.  Together, they form a spiritual-comedic creative duo and intend to avert a Second Cold War between Russia and the United States with the kung-fu of hot and sexy shamanic love and pure, magical joy!

Cross the Rainbow Bridge with us!

November 6th, 2016 : Stuck in the Middle with You (Stealers Wheel)

The great thing about this week is that the farcical facade of another Presidential election will have come and gone, though I’m sure the emotional and political aftermath will reverberate for weeks, as each side’s supporters are hiding behind largely childish reasons for supporting either of these two traitors.  I don’t expect there to be gracious losers.  But each time one of these shows goes on and we are left talking about choosing between two turds, we all lose.

The great thing is that many more millions will soon be waking up to the sham of American reality.  Maybe we can then start having mature conversations about how to work towards a human-friendly future instead of fearing the arrival of World War III.  I’ve been waiting for that day for 15 years, and I know its coming soon.

If you care to read a more provocative perspective on this election, please click on the banner below:

Arthur Danu - Stuck in the Middle with You (Stealers Wheel)

October 22, 2016 : The Rainbow Connection (Paul Williams)

Landing in Durango and creating a new life here has been a struggle and certainly not without risk.  My wife and I were guided here by our astrologies and the all too usual, but always very impressive, synchronicities provided by our Guides.  As our work and purpose in this area becomes more clear, we feel grounded, settled and assured of the victory that our leap of faith asked us to chance in these times of swirling uncertainty.

Placing our fortunes in the very capable hands of the Intelligent Invisible has been a winning strategy for us.  My intimacy with the Faery Realms of living consciousness continues to blossom because of the experiences I have that deepen my trust in THEM.  I can think of no better song to express this joy than that of Paul Williams’ The Rainbow Connection, made famous by Kermit the Frog of The Muppet Show fame.

From the telling of Bible stories to us all as children, we learn the rainbow is a symbol of love.  Now, it is also a symbol for all kinds of sexual persuasions.  In other words, rainbows are signs of freedom and optimism for the future.  Despite the US presidential shenanigans, I have faith in the Love that is unfolding all over the planet now.

Click on the banner below if you want to read more entertaining thoughts on this Spell.

Spell 049 : Patrick Michael Mooney (The Rainbow Connection)

August 23, 2016 : Paddy Cool (Boney M)

Only recently, I asked a good friend about her musical tastes, hoping to discover some mutuality in our love for the arts of music and dancing.  She came back with a list of songs, many of which I was familiar.  From the unfamiliar list arose the name of Boney M.  I visited YouTube to find the most extraordinary example of the disco era I was too young to be aware of at the time Boney was in its prime.

The jury is still out on whether this is a good or bad thing.

Regardless, my jaw hit the floor beholding the time capsule of funk and fuck that is Boney M.

The impression cooked in my subconscious until the latest music video came out.  Enjoy the dancing.

If you want to enjoy a funny story to go along with the video, click here.

Continued blessings for a truly great Summer in Durango!

August 17, 2016 : MEET THE MAGICAL YOU!

Any person local to Durango, who is not traveling out of town for the Labor Day Weekend, is invited to participate in a unique and wonderful workshop being presented by my wife and I, along with a very good friend.  During the one-day workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience Yoga, Shamanism, Binaural Beats and Magic in a way that has never been combined before!

The workshop is offered on a donation basis, as this is our first presentation together, but will soon be offered to participants worldwide in the coming year.

Meet the Magical You!

And while you are visiting Rainbow Bridge Studios, be sure to check out our awesome audio products that will get your life moving in a rewarding and fantastic direction!

Awesome Binaural Beats and Shamanic Meditations!

Awesome Binaural Beats and Shamanic Meditations!


July 28, 2016 : America, Please Don’t Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election!

You can read my simple, honorable and peaceful intentions about not participating in this insulting farce by clicking on the banner below:

America, Don't Vote!

Mad Queen Hillary

Trump Talking Backwards



July 21, 2016 : White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)

My Durango experience continues to lead to beautiful vistas and unfolding friendships.  Having seen town from within the city’s limits, then beyond to Hermosa’s tranquil solitude, my wife and I now greet each morning and evening from Durango’s eastern approach, gazing out at the dry, Iron Hills whose desert appearance reminds us of the importance of water and also Nature’s own intelligent resourcefulness.

In this land just beyond the still developing Three Springs, I’ve never seen so many rabbits in all my life! My dog, Ruby, is having the time of her life giving chase to jackrabbits, a speedy opponent unknown to her in Virginia.  In Irish lore, there are tales of a spiritual trickster known as The PookahThe Pook can take many different shapes, but has been referred to by numerous other writers as a particularly large white rabbit.  Being far removed from Irish lands (not really though, all the world is Irish is ways more than the common man now understands or remembers), I know that the Native Americans have a similar spirit force that they call the Heyokah, which often appears as a coyote.

Following the playful signs and “tracks” left by these trickster spirits can lead to great lessons in awakening, forgiveness and compassion, not to mention the discovery of treasures within yourself that you never knew you had.  There is the tradition of carrying around a “lucky rabbit’s foot” to increase one’s fortune, but the interested individual would be far more satisfied with what Life can offer if one decided to consciously work with the living spirit of Nature’s great rabbit.

Enjoy my Karaoke Cover™ of Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit.

More thoughts on the making of the music video can be found here.

Lucky 7's


June 8, 2016 : Sweet Earth of Mine (Neil Diamond)

A young friend of mine recently turned 21.  Like many of his age, and of previous generations, singing and carousing in bars seems to be a right of passage during this time in our lives.  Who can forget those great times in our pasts when you’re in a bar and the crowd, all of a sudden, breaks out into song?  Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline is certainly one of the standards you’ll hear in those types of moments.  Now my step-sons and their friends are enjoying these moments, too, and I think that’s great!

But my art is meant for a little more than just drinking songs.  I try to turn each performance into motive prayer to the Invisible Forces that govern our lives.  So, with a slight tweak of the lyrics, this song becomes revivified as a beautiful and simple prayer for the Earth.  Let’s do our best to treat Her well!

If you want to read my musings on what other great thoughts this magical spell prompted, just click HERE.

May 24, 2016 : WYRD TV – Oksana Zielinski (Shaman)

Oksana Zielinski is my wife.  She is also one incredible shaman.  I AM the happy, enlightened, creative and successful person I am today because of her supportive love AND her skills as a highly disciplined, practiced and gifted shaman.  Like Reiki Masters, I have met many on the wide and wyrd road who claim to be shamans, simply because they attended a few weekend workshops and paid a lot of money for a nice certificate to hang on the wall.  This is not the case with Oksana.

Enjoy this brief but informative interview with this Empress of the Soul who knows how to articulate the masculine/feminine aspects that each of us carries within our psyches, as well as how to cultivate a fruitfully empowering relationship with the Invisible, Intelligent side of Natural Reality.  What you will discover is that the Universe is gifting you with your own opportunity for transformation.  Will you take it now?

It is always a joy for me to put my creative talents in the service of Oksana and others who share a similar integrity and love for the Earth and all its peoples.  Look for more stimulating, entertaining and informative productions in the future from WYRD TV.

May 18, 2016 : Michael’s Theme (adapted from the movie Poltergeist)

Hermosa.  Life in Durango continues to surpass even my dreamiest expectations of it.  Today, I stood in what felt like the center of Heaven to me, basking in a 360 degree panorama of billowy white and gray thunderclouds as they vied for the open cracks of blue sky that gloriously rained the most gorgeous, clear light upon the red rocks and fortress-like crags that held their positions like eternal sentinels over us all.  My mind had been on angels these past few weeks, which is a lot better than what the lame-stream propaganda news would have me focus on.  I know the world is supposedly experiencing a lot of anxiety about World War III being imminent this year.  I used to be touched deeply by all of that, too.  I can honestly say that it is not touching me anymore, and I have Archangel Michael to thank for that.

People wonder whether superluminal beings like Faeries or Angels exist.  I was a skeptic once myself, even though I was raised as a devout Roman Catholic.  Oddly, it was only after I rejected all forms of religion and began encountering the Divine in the Natural world that my education and understanding of these most excellent Agents of Creation began to be built on direct experience, rather than cultural, tribal or religious superstition.  I can definitely attest to the Good News that I wouldn’t want to live my life without THEM.

Being a fan of movie soundtrack scores, I have always been haunted by Carol Anne’s Theme from the movie Poltergeist.  I will admit to never seeing the movie.  I first heard the song while listening to one of Erich Kunzel’s Cincinnati Pops Orchestra albums of movie scores as a young teenager.  I’ve never been a fan of horror movies.  The world is tough enough without adding more fuel to our deeply subconscious fears of living.  I’m not a prude about it, though.  I’d much rather watch people making love than killing each other.

It came to me that if I tweaked the lyrics a bit, the song would be a beautiful prayer of peace to all of humanity, instead of a song associated with horror.  Considering what we are up against collectively right now, I figure that my human family is worth the effort of a noble prayer from my heart at this time.

As my wife and I continue to build our dreams here, we are grateful for the support we have received from the surrounding community and, of course, our Invisible Friends, who will guide and protect all those who call on Them with a sincere heart.  This is not an instruction for the rational mind, except to say that it offers the cure for its self-destructive madness.

Love the Earth.  Love Each Other.  Don’t forget to Love Yourself while you’re doing all that, too!

Bye for Now!

February 24, 2016 : Fly Me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra)


I had a magical full moon earlier this week, on 2/22.  When I’m not producing videos for my clients, I like to take in the outdoors, sing, write poetry and books and dream up a wonderful life for my kin, country and posterity.  As I was looking back on the significant events that brought my wife and I to Durango, I was also noticing how far I have traveled and grown within myself in the short time I have been here so far.

I know the world is trying to scare us all back into those cages they had us in during the first Cold War.  Anyone born after 1980 won’t really know or understand what that reference means.  If you’re one of those younger ones, you ought to take the time to learn about it.  I know I’m not going back in that box.  My life is too full of abundant joy to be concerned about any phony war on terror.

One of the things that I love about Durango is all the great opportunities for singing.  Singing has been one of the greatest medicines of my life, along with good love making and potent marijuana…or is it good marijuana and potent lovemaking?  I’ll take it, either way!  Now that I’m living in Colorado, it feels like I’ve hit a winning trifecta!

I recently auditioned for the upcoming charity fundraiser for The Manna Soup Kitchen.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get in, because I really love singing for a good cause.  It’s my way of giving thanks to the wonderful INVISIBLE SIDE OF REALITY that so many of us are afraid to approach with real sincerity.  Yet I find this relationship to be the most sacred one of my entire life, and because of its divine GOODNESS, I am living a truly fantastic and fortunate life.  I know many people in Durango feel the same way.  There’s no doubt I’m smitten about being here.

I extend good wishes for a great show at the charity fundraiser and continued success for such a noble cause!  When people come together for a good cause, things get done.  Maybe, one day, we’ll do that about the chemtrails over our heads, too.  Breathing is as important as eating, as far as being human goes…I think.

That “stuff” also lands in our food and water supplies, by the way.  If the problem seems too big for you to tackle…you ain’t alone!  And that’s the key to victory for any issue of substance that truly matters…knowing that YOU AIN’T ALONE!

Speak out!  Sing Out!  Shout Out!  Praise your god or gods with JOY.  If no one else hears you, THEY WILL.  In your telling…you will FEEL BETTER.  Feeling better, you become more capable of LOVE.  Lifted by Love, your imagination aspires to new heights and dreams.  Invigorated with VISION, you become a being of ACTION, useful to the Gods, Men and all posterity.

I thank my Invisible Friend, Thoth Tahuti, for being a most excellent companion on this magickal ride through the mysteries of Life!  The new year continues to unfold with great surprise and trust, and a growing spirit of connectedness.


February 14, 2016 : TRUE (Spandau Ballet)

While hiking along the many gorgeous trails surrounding the city last week, I was communing with the Nature Spirits, asking them for a sign of love that things will work out just fine for my wife and I, who took a risk to travel out of our comfort zones and start a new life in Durango.  Instantly, a beautiful hawk appeared and flew in circles over my ahead.  A few moments later, the hawk was joined by an eagle, and the two danced in elegant spirals overhead, and I cried my tears of joy.

Inspired by the good feelings of such an auspicious totem, I decided to sing a song against the backdrop of gorgeous Silver Mountain.  With the time-travel inducing effects of the recent Snowdown still reverberating through the land, I heard the echoes of Spandau Ballet’s True in my ears and did my karaoke best to cover it.

On the way down from this a peak moment in my life, I passed one of the many beautiful female denizens of Durango, wearing the tightest, skimpiest of spandex shorts, barely covering her perfected rump, which was accentuated beautifully by knee high stockings, as well as the muscled form of this very appreciated Valkyrie.

I thanked the gods for delivering me to Durango.  I know this much is TRUE.

Welcome License Plate